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Evarts EV, Hughes JR. 
“Relation of post-tetanic potentiation to subnormality of lateral geniculate potentials.”. 
Am. J. Physiol.. 1957;188:238.
The lateral geniculate response to electrical stimulation of the optic nerve was recorded in decerebrate cats and anesthetized cats. Tetanization of the optic nerve in anesthetized cats produced a prolonged second subnormality of the geniculate postsynaptic response. Further tetanization during tetanically induced second subnormality produced post-tetanic potentiation (PTP). The degree of PTP of the postsynaptic response was proportional to the degree of second subnormality present at the time the tetanus was applied. . PTP also occurred during the subnormality following a brief series of shocks to the optic nerve and during subnormality induced by LSD. . For previous studies on this topic, see EVARTS etal., Am.J.Physiol. 182: 594 (1955): EVARTS & HUGHES, Am.J.Physiol. 183: 614 (1955); and EVARTS & MARSHALL, Trans. Am. Neurol. Ass. 80: 58 (1955).
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