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Giberti F, Boeri G. 
“Studio farmacopsichiatrico di un caso di nevrosi fobicoansiosa”. 
Sistema nerv.. 1957;9:145.
Detailed description and discussion of a case of obsessional anxiety neurosis in which hydroxyzine had no therapeutic effect and in which chlorpromazine and amphetamine had only a slight and transient effect. By contract, LSD (6 treatments with 80 to 150 mcg.) with its shock and depersonalizing effects, made it possible to lay bare the basis of the neurosis. The patient became aware of the real cause of her anxiety enabling her to free herself of it. This cathartic effect of LSD occurred without psychoanalysis being employed. Improvement was still maintained 6 months after discharge from the hospital. [Cf. GILBERTI & GREGORETTI, No. 444.]
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