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von Mering O, Morimoto K, Hyde RW, Rinkel M. 
“Experimentally induced depersonalization”. 
Experimental psychopathology. 1957;pp.66.
A detailed study was made of depersonalization in 48 normal subjects given LSD (1 mcg/kg. orally). . 32 (76%) of the subjects exhibited a schizophreniia-like reaction and 10 (24%) showed other types of psychotic reaction. . The total of 569 distortions were classified as follows: . a) 162 changes of self . b) 120 changes of other persons . c) 101 changes of objects and environment . d) 186 changes of thought processes, notions of time and reality . The distortions were closely related to the social environment of the subject. . The paper contains 3 drawings made by subjects to illustrate their experiences under LSD.
Notes # : Grune & Stratton (Ed. by PH Hoch and J Zubin)
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