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Pennes HH. 
“Effects of various drugs on clinical psychopathology”. 
Experimental psychopathology. 1957;p236.
The effects of LSD, sodium amytal, pervitin hydrochloride and mescaline on 55 hospitalized schizophrenics (see Pennes, J. Nerv. Ment. Dis. 119: 95, 1954) were analyzed in terms of normalization and intensification of pre-existing symptoms. . LSD intensified symptoms in 64% but produced a diphasic reaction (combination of normalization and intensification) in 24% . Mescaline intensified symptoms in 100%. . Amytal normalized symptoms in 65.4%. . Pervitin caused normalization in 37%, intensification in 20.4% and diphasic reaction in 42.6%. . The intensification of symptoms was due to direct drug action and secondary, personality determined factors. All four drugs intensified the same wide range of symptoms.
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