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Widlocher D, Nakajima H, Thuillier J. 
“Action des monoéthylamide (LAE) et diéthylamide (LSD) de l'acide lysergique sur le comportement de la souris tournante provoquée par l'imino-B-B'-dipropionitrile.”. 
Compt. rend. Soc. biol. 1957;151:668.
Rothlin & Cerletti (Helv. physiol. Acta 10: 319, 1952) reported that 1-2 mg./kg. LAE or LSD given s.c. inhibited the circling movements of mice with a congenital waltzing anomaly. . Widlocher et al. found that the circling movements induced in mice by means of imino - B-B-dipropionitrile were inhibited by LAE and LSD in doses greater than 1000 mcg./kg. i.p. (This effect is therefore comparable to that observed in the mouse with a congenital waltzing anomaly.) The marked decrease in circling movements was observed after doses too small to elicit motor excitement. The authors wonder whether the inhibition of circling movements is due to a specific action of the agents used or whether it is secondary to the motor excitement seen after high doses.
Notes # : (auch LAE-Nr. 17)
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