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Burton RM, Sodd MA, Goldin A. 
“The analeptic action of lysergic acid diethylamide and d-amphetamine on reserpine-sedated mice”. 
Arch. internat. pharmacodyn.. 1957;112:188.
Reserpine produced a state resembling sleep in mice. The righting reflex was unimpaired. This reserpine- induced sedation was interrupted by LSD, LAE 32, d-amphetamine and d-desoxyephedrine but not by 1- amphetamine, 1-LSD (isomer of LSD) and BOL 148. . Chlorpromazine produced depression in mice and caused the loss of the righting reflex. This chlorpromazine-induced depression was only slightly affected by LSD, d-amphetamine and d- desoxyephedrine. . Pentobarbital produced anesthesia in mice. This was not interrupted by LSD, BOL 148 and d-amphetamine. . Reserpine prolonged barbiturate anesthesia in mice. This effect of reserpine was antagonized by LSD and d- amphetamine but not by BOL 148.
Notes # : (auch LAE 18, BOL 43)
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