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Lingjaerde P, Skaug OE. 
“A study of the uptake of radioactive phosphorus in the brain, endocrine and other organs of LSD-treated rats. Some remarks on disturbances in carbohydrate metabolism in schizophrenia”. 
J. Nerv. Ment. Dis.. 1956;124:578.
0.25 mg/kg LSD was given i.p. to 13 rats and 250 C of P32 were given i.p. two hours later. A comparative study with 14 controls revealed that LSD caused: . 1) A highly significant increase in the p32 uptake in the adrenal medulla, with no parallel alteration in adrenal cortex. . 2) A highly significant increase in the uptake in the diaphragm. . 3) A slightly significant increase in the uptake in the hypothalamus. . 4) A slightly significant decrease in the uptake in the thyroid. . In 8 rats given 5 mcg./kg. LSD i.p., the p32 uptake decreased somewhat in the thyroid and the corpora quadrigema but did not differ from normal in the other organs. . It may be assumed that LSD affects carbohydrate metabolism in some way or other. The disturbances of carbohydrate metabolism found in schizophrenics may be similar to those seen after LSD.
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