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Bulle PH, Konchegul L. 
“Action of serotonin and cerebrospinal fliud of schizophrenics on the brain of the dog.”. 
Quart. Rev. Psychiatr.. 1957;18:287.
Serotonin or LSD administered via the internal carotid artery of the dog caused definite neurological and autonomic reflex changes. The type of these changes depended on the concentration of the drug. The sequence of changes, produced by increasing dosage, constituted an irregularly descending partial depression of CNS. . Cerebrospinal fliud from schizophrenics elicited reflex changes identical with those caused by serotonin. The type of these changes was indicative of the concentration of serotonin or a serotoniin-like agent. Particular concentraction ranges were indicative of particular schizophrenic reaction types. . Cerebrospinal fluid from non-schizophrenic psychotics elicited changes not indicative of serotonin. . Cerebrospinal fluid from non-psychotics, as well as isotonic saline, did not cause any reflex changes. . It is concluded that a neuro-humor possessing properties identical with those of serotonin is involved in schizophrenic psychoses.
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