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Wilhelmi G. 
“Ueber die ulcerogene Wirkung von 5-hydroxytryptamin am Rattenmagen und deren Beeinflussung durch verschiedene Pharmaca.”. 
Helvet. physiol et. pharmacol. acta. 1957;15:C 83.
30 rats were given 15 mg/kg serotonin s.c. and the injection repeated after 15 hours. Stomach ulcers developed in 29 animals and colonic ulcers in 16. The development of ulcers was prevented to a great extent by the administraiton, simultaneously with each serotonin injection, of LSD (2 injections of 0.1, 0.2 or 0.5 mg/kg s.c.), chlorpromazine and G 22355 (an iminodibenzyl preparation). A weaker effect was exerted by promethazine, synopen, G 22150 (an iminodibenzyl preparation), reserpine and papaverine. The other drugs studied, including atropine (2 injections of 30 mg/kg), were practically ineffective.
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