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Cahn J, Herold M, Dubrasquet M, Alano J, Barré N, Buret JP. 
“Contribution à un concept biochimique des psychoses expérimentales. I. Effets du diéthylamide de l'acide lysergique sur le bilan humoral et le metabolisme cérébral du lapin in vivo.”. 
Compt. rend. Soc. biol.. 1957;151:1820.
Chronic administration of 50 mcg. LSD to the rabbit produced a syndrome characterized by 1) EEG disorder (slow waves of high voltage); 2) disturbance of humoral balance with increase in blood sugar level, hexose monophosphates, hypopyruvicaemia, acidosis , hyponatraemia, hypopotassaemia, reduction in total glutathion and reduction in the ratio of reduced glutathion/ oxidised glutathion; 3) slowing of cerebral blood flow and disturbance of cerebral metabolism: reduction in oxidative processes and predominance of aerobic glycolysis, the loss of cerebral potassium suggesting stimulation of parasympathetic centers.
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