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Monnier M, Tissot R. 
“Action sur le cerveau du lapin des systèmes resérpine - 5-hydroxytryptophan - sérotonine et réserpine - dopa - noradrénaline. Action des antagonistes de la réserpine (iproniazid et LSD).”. 
Rev. frc. étud. clin. biol.. 1958;3:705.
Brief report of society proceedings. With regard to LSD, the authors observed that: LSD produced a state of arousal with generalized desyncronization in the EEG, thalamic excitability being diminished and that of the ascending reticular system being increased. . After LSD, the tranquilizing effect of reserpine was absent for 30 minutes and then reappeared. The antagonism between reserpine and LSD seems therefore to be independent of the antiserotonin properties of LSD and to depend on the ergotropic activity of LSD.
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