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Ginzel KH. 
“The effect of lysergic acid diethylamide on some autonomic reflex patterns.”. 
Psychotropic Drugs. 1958;p48.
The effect of LSD was tested on three kinds of autonomic reflexes: vasomotor, respiratory and intestinal. . Vasopressor responses following stimulation of an afferent nerve, asphyxia, carotid occlusion or carotid chemoreceptor stimulation were suppressed by 100-200 mcg. LSD injected into the lateral ventricle of the cat brain. The chemoreceptor pathway appears to be selectively blocked by LSD centrally below the intercollicular level. This is also true after LSD i.v. . Respiratory responses arising from the carotid chemoreceptors were not selectively blocked by LSD. Thus, LSD distinguished between pathways originating in the same peripheral receptor organ leading to two different central autonomic relay stations, the respiratory and the vasomotor centers. . The peristaltic reflex was blocked by LSD. Although this action closely resembled that of hexamethonium, LSD had no blocking effect on the superior cervical ganglion. . The aforementioned effects of LSD were also produced by other derivatives of lysergic acid independent of whether they exert a psychological action or not. . Chlorpromazine exerted the same reflex-blocking effects as LSD. . See No. 569, No. 373, No. 249, No. 160, No. 121.
Notes # : (auch BOL-, LAE-, Gy-, DHE-Erw.A)
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