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Olds J, Killam KF, Eiduson S. 
“Effects of tranquilizers on self-stimulation of the brain.”. 
Psychotropic drugs. 1957;p235.
Chlorpromazine inhibits self-stimulation with the electrodes at some sites but has no effect with electrodes at other sites. It has its major effect in the posterior hypothalamus. . Reserpine may not have a direct effect but may make seizures more likely with electrodes at some sites. . LSD abolishes for a short time all self-stimulation with electrodes at most sites. This effect of LSD is antagonized by 5-hydroxytryptamine when the electrodes are in the septal area, the pre-optic region and the posterior hypothalamus but not when the electrodes are in ventral regions below the septal area and in ventral parts of the middle hypothalamus. . BOL 148 exerts an inhibitor effect on self-stimulation only in those regions where 5-hydroxytryptamine fails to antagonize the effect of LSD. . See No. 463.
Notes # : (auch BOL-Erw.A)
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