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Balestrieri A. 
“"Amphetamine shock" during LSD-25 and mesclaine psychosis”. 
Psychotropic drugs. 1957;p582.
Amphetamine (20-30 mg.) was injected i.v. rapidly when the effect of LSD 200 mcg. orally in 5 cases) or mescaline (0.5 g i.v. in 3 cases) had reached a peak. In these cases (5 psychoneurotics, 1 brachial plexus trauma, 1 dementia paralytica and 1 phantom limb) there was no significant difference between the effects of LSD + amphetamine and mescaline + amphetamine. In all cases there was mood deterioration after amphetamine, independently of the effects of hallucinogens. The effect of amphetamine seemed to be enhanced by the previous administration of the hallucinogens, while the effect of the latter was enhanced by amphetamine.
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