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Feld M, Goodman JR, Guido JA. 
“Clinical and laboratory observations on LSD-25”. 
J. Nerv. & Ment. Dis.. 1958;126:176.
Treatment with LSD was carried out in 18 cases, 100 mcg. being given orally once weekly for 1 to 8 weeks. Marked improvement was seen in psychoneurotic and non-psychotic cases of "obsessiveness" (chronic complainers). The results were negative in cases with brain syndromes. . Six case histories were presented. All 6 patients had not responded to previous therapy, so that any improvement could be regarded as an achievement. The improvement was sustained in 2 cases, good in 2, fair in 1 and minimal in one. . Eosinophil counts were carried out in 15 subjects, 10 of whom were receiving LSD treatment. The eosinophil counts decreased 400r more in all normal subjects and all patients but one after 100 mcg. LSD. Tolerance to this effect of LSD developed in some patients.
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