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Apter JT. 
“Prolonged survival of the isolated retina induced by drugs: strychnine, mescaline, d-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), and atropine.”. 
Arch. Ophth.. 1958;59:722-730.
In studies on retinas of enucleated eyes from 97 cats LSD, mescaline, strychnine and atropine prolonged survival time, if they were given before the eye was enucleated. The normal survival time was 4 minutes. LSD increased this to 12 minutes, mescaline to 25 minutes, strychnine to 40 minutes and atropine to 12 minutes. The effects were parallel to the ability of the drugs to induce spontaneous potentials in the intact eye. The effect of LSD was enhanced by subsequent administraiton of strychine, atropine or metrazol. . The findings suggest that LSD, mescaline, strychnine and atropine may improve vision or aid recovery in certain retinal diseases. LSD has been found to improve central visual acuity in a patient with senile macular degeneration. Further studies are in progress.
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