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Roubícek J. 
“Similarities and differences between schizophrenia and experimental psychoses.”. 
Rev. Czechoslov. Med.. 1958;4:125-134.
142 studies of LSD in 115 normal subjects and mental patients served as a basis for a comparison of LSD- induced psychosis and schizophrenia. . Clinical picture: The LSD psychosis is of the acute exogenous type and the picture is quite different to that in the majority of schizophrenics. A resemblance to the LSD psychosis is seen only in a small group of schizophrenics characterized by a high degree of excitability. Chlorpromazine and, to a lesser extent, reserpine exert a beneficial effect in LSD psychosis and schizophrenia. . EEG: There is no tracing typical of schizophrenia. LSD exerts a characteristic effect. . Artistic production: Drawings, etc. of schizophrenics are characterized by stereotypes, symbolism, defective composition and great detail. Artists (normal subjects) working under the influence of LSD do not exhibit a marked tendency to stereotypes, emphasis on symbolism or compositional disintegration. In som cases a regression to an earlier mode of expression is noted. The paper contains six drawings made by an artist under the influence of 100 mcg LSD.
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