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Cerletti A. 
“Biochemie, Physiologie und Pharmakologie des 5-Hydroxytryptamins (Serotonin, Enteramin).”. 
Helv. med. Acta. 1958;25:330-350.
After a brief review of the discovery of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) and its widespread occurrence in nature, the biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology of this agent are discusses. . Biochemistry: Metabolism of 5-HT and its distribution in the body; carcinoid syndromes; inhibition of the breakdown of 5-HT by inhibitors of mono-amino-oxidase, such as iproniazid, and consequent accumulation of 5-HT. . Physiology: The effect of 5-HT on peripheral function and cerebral activity; critical evaluation of the physiological significance of 5-HT; role of 5-HT as a physiological regulator of intestinal motility; possible role in allergic processes; the important neurohumoral function of 5-HT in the brain; the relationship of 5- HT to the effects of LSD, other lysergic acid derivatives, reserpine and iproniazid. . Pharmacology: The highly specific nature of the antagonism to 5-HT of natural and semi-synthetic derivatives of lysergic acid; e.g., subcutaneous administration of 5 mcg/kg UML 491 (a derivative of methylergonovine) inhibits the edema induced in the rat paw by the local injection of 500 mcg/kg 5-HT.
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