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Hornykiewicz O, Obenaus H. 
“Beeinflussung der blutdrucksenkenden Wirkung von Dopamin und Adrenalin durch Lysergsäurediäthylamid.”. 
Wien. klin. Wschr.. 1958;70:948.
In the guinea pig the depressor effect of dopamine (hydroxytryamine) is prevented by 50-100 mcg/kg LSD i.v. The depressor effect of 5-hydroxytryptamine is prevented by 30-50 mcg/kg LSD. The depressor effect of epinephrine after pretreatment with Gynergen (200 mcg) is also blocked by LSD. . In the rat dopamine has a pressor effect which, like that of epinephrine, is converted to a depressor effect after Gynergen (300 mcg i.v.). This effect of dopamine and epinephrine is blocked by LSD. . In the guinea pig high doses of 5-hydroxytryptamine result in tachphylaxis. Dopamine then does not decrease blood pressure and may even increase it. This finding and the antagonistic effect of LSD suggest that the effects of dopamine on blood pressure exhibit "features of a 5-hydroxytryptamine effect." However, as LSD also inhibits the depressor effect of epinephrine, there may be relationships between the mechanisms involved in the depressor effects of dopamine and epinephrine. The finding of other authors that dopamine exerts a pressor effect in the guinea pig deficient in norepinephrine as a result of reserpine treatment but exerts the usual depressor effect after infusions of small amounts of norepinephrine is of interest in this connection.
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