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Smith CM. 
“A new adjunct to the treatment of alcoholism: The hallucinogenic drugs.”. 
Quart. J. Alcohol. 1958;19:406-417.
LSD and mescaline were used as adjuncts to psychotherapy, occupational and recreational therapy in 24 refractory alcoholics. After adequate rapport had been established, a single oral dose of 200-400 mcg LSD or 0.5 g mescaline was given and a prolonged interview carried out. A follow-up study lasting 2 months to 3 years (average 1 year) was made in all cases. . Great improvement (complete abstinence or drinking only very small quantities) was noted in 6 cases (4 character disorder, 2 psychopathy). Improvement (definite reduction in alcohol intake, substantial improvement confirmed by observers) was noted in 6 cases (3 character disorder, 2 psychopathy, 1 psychosis). Twelve cases, including some who made temporary improvement, were classified as unchanged. No patient became worse. . Side-effects: transient nausea in many cases, vomiting in three.
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