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Votava Z, Podvalová I, Semonsky M. 
“Studies on the pharmacology of d-lysergic acid cycloalkylamides.”. 
Arch. internat. pharmacodyn. thérap.. 1958;115:114.
Five d-lysergic acid cycloalkylamides, viz. cyclopropyl (C3 AL), cyclobutyl (C4 AL), cyclopentyl (C5 AL), cyclohexyl (C6 AL) and cycloheptanyl (C7 AL) emides were compared with LSD and ergonovine. . The cycloalkylamides, especially C4 AL and C5 AL, exerted powerful oxytocic, anti-5-HT and mydriatic effects. In the rabbit they increased body temperature. In the mouse an initial brief rise in body temperature was followed by a prolonged fall. Blood pressure was not greatly affected in the anesthetized rabbit and dog and the non-anesthetized dog. . Toxic doses produced amphetamine-like, central effects in the mouse, rabbit and dog. . Preliminary clinical trials confirmed the oxytocic effect and the absence of a hallucinogenic action.
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