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Shibusawa K, Tokuzawa K, Kishi S, Kajiya Y, Kasuga H, Fujiwara S. 
“Studies on anaphylactic shock. 2. Inhibition of anaphylactic shock with various drugs.”. 
Gunma J. Med. Sc.. 1958;7:101-110.
In earlier studies the authors had found that the serum level of 5-hydroxytryptamine and ATP rose in anaphylactic shock. . In the present studies the development of anaphylactic shock in dogs and guinea pigs was inhibited to some extent by atropine, chlorprophenpyridamine (an antihistamine), reserpine, LSD and ATP-ase and was significantly inhibited by hydrocortisone, artificial hibernation (with a mixture containing chlorpromazine), and by LSD + ATP-ase.
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