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Melander B, Martens S. 
“The mode of action of taraxein and LSD.”. 
Dis. Nerv. Syst.. 1958;19:478.
Taraxein (isolated from 400 ml schizophrenic serum) given i.v. to monkeys induced withdrawal with catatonic features. 2-3 mg/kg Kabi 888 [a phenothiazine derivative?] given i.v. at the peak of the taraxein effect caused immediate loss of muscle tone, piloerection and deep sleep. . LSD (15 mcg/kg) given i.v. to monkeys caused slight withdrawal and catatonia. 2-3 mg/kg Kabi 888 given i.v. after LSD caused loss of muscle tone and a sleep-like state. . Adrenolutin (20-25 mg/kg i.v.) had only a slight effect in cats and monkeys. If the animals were pre-treated with LSD or taraxein, as little as 2-3 mg/kg adrenolutin produced drowsiness and muscular relaxation. . Acetylcholine, epinephrine, and adrenolutin, atropine, mescaline, and 5-hydroxytryptamine given i.v. to cats had little or no effect. When given after LSD, they exerted the same striking effects as seen after intraventricular administration. . Preliminary studies were made of ALD 52 and BOL 148. The effects exerted by LSD were also exerted by ALD 52 but not by BOL 148.
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