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Chen G, Bohner B. 
“A study of central nervous system stimulants”. 
J. Pharmacol. Exper. Therap.. 1958;123:212-215.
Central nervous system stimulants producing tonic extensor seizures in mice include Acridone, Apresoline, Megimide and PM 1090. . Central nervous system stimulants incapable of producing tonic extensor seizures in mice include diphenhydramine, cocaine, ritalin, meratran, desoxyephedrine, ibogaine, LSD and tremorine. The stimulant effects of these compounds differ by the running movements (disorderly or coordinated), by the intensity of tremors and the presence or absence of piloerection and salivation. With the exception of LSD and tremorine, the other agents suppress tonic extensor seizures in mice elicited electrically or by metrazol but do not suppress the tonic extensor seizures induced by strychnine or caffeine.
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