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Evarts EV. 
“Neurophysiological correlates of pharmacologically-induced behavioral disturbances”. 
Res. Publ. A. Nerv. & Ment. Dis.. 1958;36:347-380.
The possible neurophysiological correlates of the behavioral effects of LSD were examined. The complex nature of the problem is stressed. The perceptual disturbances elicited by LSD in man indicate an alteration in sensory processes at some level in the nervous system but do not suggest any particular neuronal system in the brain as the most probable site of action. LSD produces only minimal EEG effects in man; this shows the difficulty of detecting alterations in cerebral electrical activity in animals given LSD in doses comparable with those used in man. The behavioral and electrophysiological effects of LSD in animals are reviewed in the light of studies carried out by Evarts and his associates at Bethesda. The differences in the results obtained in various preparations illustrate the importance attached to the experimental conditions in any interpretation of the findings.
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