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Silverstein AB, Klee GD. 
“Effect of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD 25) on intellectual functions.”. 
Arch. Neurol. & Psychiatr.. 1958;80:477-480.
The effect of 72 mcg. LSD orally was studied in 16 normal subjects. LSD significantly impaired memory for certain kinds of material as measured by the Wechsler Memory Scale. LSD affected the ability to draw geometric figures from memory, the ability to reproduce brief prose passages, the ability to count backwards, say the alphabet and perform serial additions. However, the ability to learn paired associates, the ability to repeat series of digits, orientation for time and place and memory for personal and current information were not affected. . LSD significantly impaired abstract thinking as measured by the Gorham Proverbs Test. The difference of scores under control conditions and under the influence of LSD resembled the differences reported in the scores of normal subjects and chronic schizophrenics. Incorrect abstractions were more common than concrete responses under control conditions and under the influence of LSD.
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