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Arnold OH, Hofmann G, Leupold-Löwenthal H. 
“Untersuchungen zum Schizophrenieproblem. IV.Mitteilung: Die Verteilung des C-14-radioaktiven Lysergsäurediäthylamid (C-14-LSD-25) im tierischen Organismus.”. 
Wien.Ztschr.Nervenhk.. 1958;15:15.
LSD labeled with C14 was injected i.p. in mice which were killed 20 or 60 minutes later. Radioactivity in the brain and other organs was determined and autoradiograms of brain sections prepared. . Distribution of LSD in various organs: 20 minutes after the injection of 121.8 mcg LSD the amounts found in the various organs (in mcg/Gm. fresh weight of organ) were: liver 17.6; kidney 16.39; skeletal muscle 4.38; cerebrum 3.15; brainstem 3.21; medulla oblongata 2.98; cerebellum 1.84. Sixty minutes after the injection of 142.1 mcg LSD into a somewhat smaller mouse the liver contained 9.8 mcg/Gm., the skeletal muscle 1.33 mcg/Gm and the other tissues 0.39-0.41 mcg. This distribution corresponds approximately to that reported by Stoll et al. (Experientia 11, 396, 1955). . Distribution in the brain: Autoradiograms showed that the areas in descending order of activity were: hippocampus, basal ganglia, central paraventricular grey matter, cerebral cortex, cerebellum. Within the ganglion cells activity was distributed netwise over the cell interface, the nucleus generally being free from activity. Some cells exhibited activity in the center of the nucleus, probably corresponding to the nucleolus.
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