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Delay J, Benda P. 
“L'expérience lysergique. LSD-25. A propos de 75 observations cliniques.”. 
Encéphale, Paris. 1958;47:169-209, 309-344.
Seventy-five hospitalized psychiatric patients (72 females and 3 males) suffering from anxiety neurosis, chronic delirium, psychopathy, schizophrenia, etc. were given 1-2 mcg/kg LSD i.v. (61 cases including 3 i.v. drips), orally (10 cases), intraspinally (3 cases) or i.m. (1 case). 50 mg. chlorpromazine was given i.m. 1-2 hours after LSD. In 250f the cases the study was repeated after an interval of at least 5 days. . Apart from data previously reported on several occasions the paper contains 2 interesting

FINDINGS: . a) evidence of correlation between somatic and psychic symptoms: apart from features peculiar to anxiety neurosis (suffocation, palpitation, muscular tension), symptoms common to all groups were related to one type of reaction - dullness and slowing of speech (with fear of fainting), paraesthesias and unstable behavior with stereotype actions, vasomotor changes, suffocation, nausea or vertigo, etc. . b) The concept of differential dosage: higher in rigid forms where an attempt is made to obtain a shock effect, smaller but sufficient to obtain "liberation" in neuroses. This last point is only briefly sketched.
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