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Winkel K. 
“Ueber die Wirkung von Lysergsäurediäthylamid auf fokale Krampfpotentiale der Hirnrinde des Kaninchens”. 
Pflügers Arch.Physiol.. 1958;267:419-425.
Injection of a weak solution of strychnine into the area striata (occipital cortex) of rabbits causes the appearance of typical strychnine spikes in the EEG recorded at the site of injection. These strychnine spikes disappear after the i.v. injection of 20 to 20 mcg/kg LSD. This normalization was frequently preceded by a short-lasting phase in which the frequency of the spikes increased and their amplitude decreased. After the effect of LSD wore off (after 3 to 4 hours) the spikes reappeared although they were less pronounced than before.
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