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Smythies JR. 
“Quantitative measurement of the effect of lysergic acid diethylamide on mice and its interactions with other drugs”. 
Nature. 1959;183:545.
Mice were placed on the center of a vertical pole. The time taken to reach the upper or lower end of the pole was measured. . The time required to reach the end of the pole was prolonged by LSD (1 or 2 mg/kg s.c.) but was not affected by bufotenin, adrenochrome or adrenolutin. . The effect of LSD, which was maximum 10-15 minutes after injection, was not influenced by adrenochrome but was inhibited by adrenolutin. . BOL-148 (1mg/kg s.c.) markedly sedated untrained mice and prolonged the time required to reach the end of the pole. These effects were not produced in trained or hungry mice. Lysergic acid morpholide was less active but caused a late acceleration of the mice.
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