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Halpern N, Liacopoulos P, Liacopoulos-Briot M. 
“Recherches sur les substanced exogènes et endogènes agissant sur la perméabilitè capillaire et leurs antagonistes.”. de thérap.. 1959;119:56-101.
In the rat the following types of edema are inhibited to a greater extent by LSD than by mepyramine, promethiazine and chlorpromazine: local edema following intracutaneous 5-HT, the histamine liberators 48/80 and 1935 L; edema of the paws and snout after dextran i.p.; and increased hemoconcentration after dextran i.v., 48/80 or 1935 L i.p. . In decreasing order of effectiveness promethazine, mepyramine, chlorpromazine and LSD inhibited, in rats and guinea-pigs, the effects of: histamine i.c. and in guinea-pigs, anaphylatoxin i.c., beef serum albumin i.c. in animals pre-treated with this substance (active anaphylaxis) and rabbit ovalbumin antiserum i.c. followed by ovalbumin i.v. (passive anaphylaxis). . Dextran, 48/80 and 1935 L release histamine and 5-HT in the rat, from both the perfused hind quarters and, after repeated i.p. or i.v. injections, from the skin. . The anaphylactic reaction may be mediated by the release of histamine and 5-HT in the rat; in the guinea-pig it may be mediated by histamine only.
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