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Evarts EV. 
“Chemical basis for psychosis. Neuropharmacological contributions to our present concept.”. 
Chemical concepts of psychosis. 1958;p41-62.
The behavioral disorders elicited in monkeys by bufotenin are similar to those elicited by LSD. . In cats both LSD and bufotenin reduce the post-synaptic lateral geniculate response to optic nerve (or optic tract) stimulation but not the post-synaptic cortical response to stimulation of the geniculate radiation fibres. Dimethyltryptamine exerted effects similar to those of LSD and bufotenin on the electrical activity of the visual system. BOL-148, 2-oxy-LSD and 2'2-bis-LSD disulfide did not depress geniculate transmission. . It is thought that dimethyltryptamine, bufotenin, tryptamine or some structurally related substance may be of significance in some mental disorders. . (See 155, 166, 236, 301, and 564)
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