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Rinkel M. 
“The psychological aspects of the LSD psychosis.”. 
Chemical concepts of psychosis. 1958;p75-84.
Studies of LSD (usually 1 mcg/kg orally) was made in 100 normal volunteers, a few psychotic patients and one patient before and after lobotomy. . The mental effects of LSD were similar to those seen in the acute schizophrenic state. Dissociation of thought processes, inappropriate affect and catatonic features were outstanding. Depersonalization and hostility were common. Other phenomena were visual, gustatory, auditory and tactile perceptions. Hallucinations and delusions were not frequent. Feelings of unreality were common. Intellectual functions and consciousness were not disturbed. Time perception was altered in many cases. . Disturbances of the autonomic nervous system always preceded the psychic effects. They indicated a predominance of the adrenergic system. . (see 12, 67, 93, 127, 203, and 218)
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