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Bulle PH. 
“Neurohumors in psychoses”. 
Chemical concepts of psychosis. 1958;p247-256.
The similarity of the effects of 5-hydroxytryptamine and adrenalin on the animal brain and of the changes in the central nervous system elicited by LSD, mescaline and amphetamine in human beings, together with the detection of a 5-HT-like substance in the cerebrospinal fluid of schizophrenics and of an adrenalin-like substance in that of manic depressive psychotics lead to the following tentative hypotheses: . 1. Schizophrenia is the result of intracranial release of 5-HT or a similar agent. . 2. Manic depressive psychosis is the result of intracranial release of adrenalin or a similar agent. . These concepts are to some extent supported by clinical and laboratory findings with tranquilizers. (see 437)
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