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Gomirato G, Gamna G, Pascal E. 
“Il disegno dell'albero applicato allo studio delle modificazioni psicopatologiche indotte dalla dietilamide dell'acido D lisergico in schizofrenici. Nota II.”. 
Gior.di psichiat.e di neuropat.. 1958;86:433.
Twenty-three schizophrenics were given 100 mcg LSD i.v. They had to draw a tree before and after LSD, the test being repeated at various intervals in some cases. The neurological, autonomic and psychic effects of LSD in all 23 cases are described in detail and the drawings are reproduced. . Drawings made under the influence of LSD varied greatly from patient to patient. However they showed an over-all change in spatial concept. It seems that the change in artistic performance appears before the other psychic changes and persists for a longer time.
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