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Delay J, Thuillier J, Nakajima H, Durandin MC. 
“Action de la psilocybine sur le comportement des souris normales et des souris I.D.P.N. Comparaison avec les monoéthylamide (LAE) et diéthylamide (LSD-25) de l'acide lysergique”. 
Compt. Rend. Biol.. 1959;153:244-248.
In order to compare the toxicity, minimum and maximum effective doses of psilocybin, LAE-32 and LSD in animals and human beings, a study was made of mice in which waltzing was elicited by IDPN [= imino-B- B'-diproprionitrile]. The behavior of such mice is much more sensitive to psychotic drugs than that of normal mice and permits more effective comparison. The behavioral effects of psilocybin were similar to those of LSD and LAE-32 but differed from those of LSD and LAE-32 in that the effect on the motor component set in more rapidly (taking dosage into consideration) and more especially by the almost complete absence of autonomic effects which are often intense after LSD and LAE-32 (in particular, piloerection, tremor and salivation). . On the other hand, psilocybin elicited a more intense response to toxic stimuli and a greater degree of wakefulness. . Comparison of the minimum doses eliciting behavioral effects in animals and the minimum doses eliciting psychic effects in human beings showed almost identical relationships between LSD and psilocybin. Once again the value of comparing clinical and experimental findings is borne out.
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