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Roubícek J. 
“Similarities and dissimilarities between schizophrenia and experimental psychosis produced by LSD-25.”. 
IInd International Congress for Psychiatry, Congress Report. 1959;II:307.
142 studies of LSD [dosage?] were made in 115 persons (normal subjects and psychiatric patients). Some similarities between LSD psychosis and schizophrenia were noted. . Thus, there was a marked similarity between acute schizophrenia states with excitation and the effects of large doses of LSD. However, there were differences: accelerated thinking occurred regularly after LSD but was rare in schizophrenia; small doses of LSD produced exteriorization of personality traits but in schizophrenia there was a gross personality disturbance; there were no EEG anomalies in the majority of schizophrenics but LSD produced typical EEG changes; the art of schizophrenic patients exhibited abstract and bizarre features with unusual symbolism and rarely depicted the hallucinations experienced. By contrast, artistic production under LSD depicted the hallucinations experienced and compositional deterioration was not as frequent as in schizophrenia. (See 75, 245, and 572)
Notes # : Orig. s. Buch, Standort w.B.
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