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Fazio C, Sacchi U. 
“La catalepsie expérimentale dans le cadre des études sur la schizophrénie.”. 
IInd International Congress for Psychiatry, Congress Report. 1959;II:312.
In dogs, serotonin (5-HT) produced cataleptic inhibition after intracisternal (but not after i.m. or s.c.) administration. This is inhibited by LSD (intracisternal of i.v.). . By contrast, the administration of 5-HT, even i.m., produced catalepsy in salamander and fish. Long lasting 5-HT administration caused, in the goldfish, not only catalepsy but also histological changes on the ventral horn cells of the spinal cord, the nuclei of the motor cerebral nerves and the nuclei in the corpora quadrigemina and the substantia reticularis. The cataleptic effect of a single i.m. 5-HT injection is inhibited by previous (but not by following) i.m. LSD injection. LSD also inhibits the lesions in the CNS which are produced by continuous 5-HT injections, if it is given in dosage of 0.05 mg. i.m., before each 5-HT injection. This confirms Erspamer's opinion that LSD inhibits 5-HT only if it is administered prior to 5-HT, while it is not able to displace 5-HT once it is fixed to the receptors.
Notes # : Orig. s. Buch, Standort w.B.
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