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Martin AJ. 
“Schizophreniform reactions under day hospital LSD therapy”. 
IInd International Congress for Psychiatry, Congress Report. 1959;II:320.
Fifty chronic neurotic patients not amenable to all other forms of psychiatric treatment were given 50-100 mcg. LSD orally once weekly under day hospital conditions. The effect of LSD was terminated by a drug such as chlorpromazine (50 mg.). . In some cases, LSD elicited a schizophreniform state with complete dissociation. This effect was frightening at the time but was later considered to have been beneficial and to have helped towards improvement of the neurotic condition. . Two brief case histories illustrate that disintegration of the ego under LSD leads to a beneficial effect deriving from the experience of belonging to and being accepted by a higher mind behind the universe. This appears to cause stabilization and integration of the personality. . (See 492 for further details of the 50 cases treated and the results of treatment.)
Notes # : Orig. s. Buch, Standort w.B.
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