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Lesse S. 
“Studies on anxiety in schizophrenia”. 
IInd International Congress for Psychiatry, Congress Report,. 1959;II:498.
A 4 1/2 year study was made of anxiety in schizophrenic patients. The techniques used were: analytically orientated psychotherapy combined with tranquilizers (150 cases); LSD, mescaline and chlorpromazine [dosage?]; observations on 43 schizophrenics during lobotomy under local anesthesia. . Severe environmental stress of LSD or mescaline rapidly increased the overt manifestations of anxiety prior to the appearance of other symptoms (phobias, obsessive-compulsive behavior). These may be unconsciously produced secondary defense mechanisms against the pain of anxiety. Anxiety itself has several components: 1) motor, 2) affectual, 3) verbal, 4) autonomic. . During treatment with chlorpromazine in combination with psychotherapy or during leucotomy under local anesthesia or when chlorpromazine was given to patients who had previously received LSD or mescaline, the level of anxiety had to be significantly reduced before the other symptoms disappeared. The motor component of anxiety was improved before the affectual component, and the verbal component was the last to be altered.
Notes # : Orig. s Buch, Standort w.B.
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