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Weintraub W, Silverstein AB, Klee GD. 
“The effect of LSD on the associative processes”. 
J.Nerv.Ment.Dis.. 1959;128:409.
The responses of 25 normal subjects given LSD [2 mcg/kg orally] to a word association test were compared with those of 25 control subjects, as well as with those of groups of schizophrenic, depressive and neurotic patients studied elsewhere. . The subjects given LSD made more errors than the controls and reacted more slowly. . Comparison with the results in the groups studied elsewhere showed that the pattern of LDS responses was quite distinct from that of the schizophrenics, depressives and neurotics. The most striking way in which the LSD reaction differed was the abolition of the differential response to traumatic and nontraumatic stimuli.
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