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Tallaferro A, Milano AJ, Alurralde GD, Paz C, Polito R. 
“Acción de la mescalina y la LSD-25 según el test de Funkenstein”. 
Acta Neuropsiquiát.argent.. 1959;5:19.
In the Funkenstein test the blood pressure responses to mecholyl and adrenalin are determined. . In 6 severe schizophrenics the test was performed before, 2 and 24 hours and 7 days after 0.5 Gm. mescaline. After mescaline the B.P. responses tended to be normal. . In 6 cases [schizophrenics ?] the test was performed before and 2 hours, 5, 15 and 45 days after 66.66 mcg. LDS [orally]. In some cases more LSD was given subsequently (total of 300-500 mcg.). Whereas before LSD the B.P. responses to mecholyl were initially hypotensive and then hypertensive (i.e. poor prognosis), they were hypotensive after LSD (somewhat better prognosis). In the final test the response made tended to resemble that seen in the control study. The response to adrenalin was not altered.
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