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Balestrieri A, Fontanari D. 
“Acquired and crossed tolerance to mescaline, LSD-25, and BOL-148”. 
Arch.Gen.Psychiat.. 1959;1:279.
Studies were made in 18 subjects (4 epilepsy, 2 polyneuritis, 2 neuralgia, 1 neurosyphilis, 1 head trauma and 8 psychoneurosis). . Tolerance to LSD developed very rapidly. Tolerance to mescaline developed less rapidly and was less evident than tolerance to LSD. Subjects rendered tolerant to LSD were highly resistant to the effects of mescaline. Subjects rendered tolerant to mescaline showed a certain resistance to the effects of LSD. Tolerance to BOL-148 developed to a certain degree. Prolonged administration of BOL-148 did not induce resistance to the effects of LSD. There was no tachyphylaxis to LSD when the drug was repeated after 6 hours.
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