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Floru R, Costin A, Sterescu-Volanschi M, Popescu I. 
“On the central interrelation between the serotonin and some psychotropic drugs.”. 
XXIst International Congress of Physiological Sciences, Buenos Aires, Abstracts of communications. 1959 August;p94.
Studies were made in 10 dogs. . 5-HT progressively inhibited conditioned salivation reflexes, conditioned reflex behavior and experimentally induced tic. . Chlorpromazine antagonized the inhibitory effects of 5-HT. . Reserpine given simultaneously with 5-HT enhanced the inhibition of the reflexes. . The effects of 5-HT were suppressed by LSD (75-100 mcg/kg i.m.) and by BOL-148 (0.05 mg/kg).
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