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Orsini F, Benda P. 
“Etude expérimentale du ralentissement de la performance sous LSD-25. (Soc.méd.-psychol., Séance, Paris, 13/7/59)”. 1959;117:519.
The study on 8 healthy subjects, by Benda and Orsini (Ann med.-psychol. 117: 550, 1959)of the effect of LSD (1 mcg/kg orally, on one case i.v.) on the sense of time included the following investigation now reported for the first time: . Choice of a metronome rhythm; determination of "spontaneous time" i.e. the steady rhythm of the subject knocking on a recording instrument; reaction time, determined in various types of experiment, by a signal that is given by the subject in response to an acoustic stimulus; immediate memory determined by repeating numerical series backwards and forwards. . The rhythm preferred was delayed significantly by LSD, as a result of a delay in the subjective passage of time. The spontaneous rhythm was not uniformly influenced by LSD. The reaction time was significantly prolonged by LSD. The immediate memories are remarkably influenced by LSD, especially because of the inability to concentrate. . (see Nos. 623, 640 and 702)
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