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Wapner S, Krus DM. 
“Behavioral effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25). Space localization in normal adults as measured by the apparent horizon.”. 
A.M.A.Arch.Gen.Psychiat.. 1959;1:417.
It was hypothesized that LSD, as a "primitivizing agent", would cause the apparent horizon, i.e. the point in space perceived to be at eye level, to be higher than normal. . Twenty-four normal subjects were given 75 mcg. LSD orally; 2-3 hours later they had to determine the apparent horizon. The results obtained were compared with those recorded under control conditions. . Under the influence of LSD the position of the apparent horizon shifted significantly upward. . The direction of mood changes under LSD was assessed by means of a modified form of the Wendt-Nowlis Adjective List. No relationship was found between the mood of the subjects and the change in the apparent horizon. (See 279, 497, 699)
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