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Luduena FP, O'malley E, Oyen IH. 
“Effect of adrenergic blockers and related compounds on the toxicity of epinephrine in rats.”. 
Arch. internat. pharmacodyn. therap.. 1959;122:111.
Sixteen drugs were treated as antagonists of the lethal effects of adrenalin in rats. Adrenalin and the drug to be tested were injected i.v. in the same solution. . All drugs except reserpine antagonized the lethal effects of 200 mcg/kg adrenalin. The most active drugs were dihydroergocornine, phentolamine, WIN-13645, WIN-14020 and chlorpromazine. The antagonistic effect of LSD was much greater than expected. BOL-148 was slightly more effective than LSD. . The following ED50 values (in mcg. of base/kg) were obtained: dihydroergocornine 10.7, phentolamine 14.8, WIN-13645 16.7, WIN-14020 20.2, chlorpromazine 21, phenoxybenzamine 31, promazine 41, ergotoxin 51, phenindamine 80, ergometrine 85, piperoxan 240, BOL-148 245, LSD-25 320, yohimbine 600 and tolazoline 600.
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