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Rosenbaum G, Cohen BD, Luby ED, Gottlieb JS, Yelen D. 
“Comparison of Sernyl with other drugs. Simulation of schizophrenic performance with Sernyl, LSD-25, and amobarbital (Amytal) sodium; I. Attention, motor function, and proprioception.”. 
A.M.A. Arch. Gen. Psychiat.. 1959;1:651.
Ten schizophrenics were compared with 3 groups of normal subjects. Ten of the normal subjects were given the psychotomimetic analgesic Sernyl (0.1 mg/kg in 150 ml. of 5 0extrose i.v. over a period of 12 minutes), 10 subjects were given LSD (1 mcg/kg orally) and 5 subjects were given amobarbital sodium (average dose: 500 mg. of amobarbital sodium and 15 mg. of amphetamine sulfate i.v.). The schizophrenics were tested only without drugs and all subjects before and after drug administration, i.e. immediately after the injection of Sernyl and amobarbital and 3 hours following the dose of LSD. . Schizophrenics and normal subjects under Sernyl showed an abnormal slow reaction time. Amobarbital and LSD produced no significant change. . The rotary pursuit test showed a deficit in motor proficiency in schizophrenics and normal subjects under Sernyl. Amobarbital did not change the motor function while LSD improved and accelerated motor learning. . The weight discrimination test indicates that the deficit in prioceptive acuity was similar in chronic schizophrenics and in normal subjects under Sernyl. LSD and amobarbital did not reduce the proprioception. . These results agree with the authors hypothesis that blocking of the proprioceptive inputs may be the cause of abnormal behavior in schizophrenia and Sernyl.
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