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Abramson HA, Sklarofsky B. 
“Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25) antagonists. III. Modification of syndrome by prior administration of prednisone.”. 
A.M.A.Arch.Gen.Psychiat.. 1960;2:89-93.
Prednisone (40-165 mg/day) or a placebo was administered orally to 5 nonpsychotic adults for 3-7 days prior to the LSD (25-50 mcg. [orally?] ) induced psychosis. The subjects were familiar with the LSD experience and answered their own questionnaire to evaluate the effects of prednisone on LSD-induced psychosis. . In 9 experiments, placebo capsules were given for several days preceding LSD. Anxiety occurred in 7 of these experiments following LSD. In all cases where LSD was given alone, the usual response to this drug including anxiety occurred. Administration of prednisone diminished or markedly decreased anxiety in 23 of 30 experiments. . The number of responses to the questionnaire averaged for all 5 subjects was 17.6 for the placebo, 18.9 when nothing was administered and 18.9 for prednisone administration. Subject A showed anxiety as often with as without prednisone, B showed no anxiety when prednisone was given and C, D and E showed anxiety in 20-40% with prednisone and 100% with a placebo or nothing. . Comment: Prednisone acts specifically on mood and not on any other phase of the LSD response. The authors discuss the question of the influence on the electrolyte equilibrium and thus on the nervous system. It appears to be desirable to reinvestigate the role of electrolyte equilibrium in the production and treatment of psychosis as well as neurosis.
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