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Hamilton CL. 
“Effects of LSD-25 and amphetamine on a running response in the rat.”. 
A.M.A.Arch.Gen.Psychiat.. 1960;2:104.
Study (in a total of 191 rats) on the effects of LSD and amphetamine (in comparison with Ringer solution in control test) on the running speed in an escape reaction from electric shock. . Experiment 1: During 14 days, the rats received on alternate days either LSD (0.5 mg/kg or 1 mg/kg i.p.) or Ringer's solution 10 minutes before the daily experiment. In all 7 tests with LSD, the running speed was significantly increased. . Experiment 2: In tests 6 minutes and 30 minutes after 0.5 mg/kg LSD i.p., with repetition every 30 minutes, the maximum LSD effect appeared after 6 minutes and pretest levels were reached again after 4 hours. . Experiment 3: In daily tests with 0.5 mg/kg LSD i.p. during 9 days the decrease in running time was still highly significant after 9 injections. . Experiment 4: In daily tests with 0.13 mg/kg or 0.26 mg/kg LSD i.p. the difference from the control group was most significant on the 7th day for the 0.13 mg/kg group, and on the first and 7th day for the 0.26 mg/kg group. . Experiment 5: 2 mg/kg amphetamine sulfate increased running speed, though less than 0.5 mg/kg LSD i.p. The LSD group attained its fastest speed 6 minutes, the amphetamine group 60 minutes after the drugs. Conditioned reactions (acoustic signal before the shock, the shock being later omitted) were maintained longer after LSD than after amphetamine and much longer than in the controls. In contrast to amphetamine, LSD diminished the increase in weight of the rats. . The similarity of action of the 2 drugs is probably due to the fact that both stimulate the reticular formation, amphetamine directly and LSD through an effect on afferent fibers. In contract to the rats on amphetamine, those on LSD were not excited, except in the experimental situation. . The lack of tolerance following daily administration of LSD is remarkable.
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